For years I have been making endless notes about projects I undertake, during which I have often noted that my only two redeemable qualities are literacy and diligence, which seems to get you quite far. I’ve finally I’ve decided to put all these mad ramblings on a blog where other people can ignore them.

The posts are fairly mundane:

  • Computer Science topics; especially if I’m learning them.
  • Travel and holidays; especially when I’m planning them.
  • Products and their annoyances; especially if I’m buying them.

This blog is made via the Jekyll “static site generator”, meaning that there’s no fancy database behind the site, waiting to be corrupted, (I’m looking at you WordPress). Instead the pages are processed into a folder which is then served directly to the reader, thanks to the magic of GitHub Pages. You can even fork this blog.

There is plenty of inspiration out there to use a static site generator, (hello Yegor!), I also really liked the concept of blogging with Git, Emacs, and Jekyll. Some other posts really helped me with the archive, and the other meta pages.

The wonderful icons are from the Open Source FontAwesome via a CDN, and the beautiful typefaces are from Google Fonts.

Eventually, this page will be mobile “enhanced” via the AMP Project.